Marriage (rough draft)

Today, February 9, is World Marriage Day, so I quickly wrote a poem about marriage. Please no hate. I haven’t had time to review it, just to quickly write it. So anyway, here is my pathetic excuse for a poem! (I will update it to the final version when I have time).



The binding of two people

Into one.

Of publically proclaiming

Love for one another.

Two words that change the future:

“I do.”

A lovely ring slide onto the ring finger

Pumping love to the heart.

Wedding vows traditionally

Sealed with a kiss.

One day, one hour, one minute, one second

One moment

Where the memory lasts forever.

Witnesses clap, pictures taken before the new couple

Leave the church.

That night is spent with family and friends,

Pictures taken every second,

Wine and champagne served,

Moonlight dancing with father.

The ‘our special day’ every couple refers to,

The best day of their lives.

Their wedding day.


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