Bit of a short story I wrote a while ago. What happens next is up to you 🙂

“Danger…” Elsa read the sign carefully as they walked past it. The sign was yellow, though rusted, and the black lettering was nearly scraped off. It most likely didn’t mean anything anymore, because it if did, it would’ve been replaced about ten years ago.

“Don’t pay attention to that,” Sven assured Elsa, sliding his hand into hers. He was walking on the road, she was walking on the sidewalk. The few inches didn’t do much to make her look taller beside her boyfriend.

He squeezed her hand for comfort as they walked along the path which no one really took. The road was one lane and it was amazing that there was a sidewalk at all. The road was rarely used – Sven knew that from experience. He always walked along this path. It was a beautiful walk, the route he always took to clear his mind.

“Whatever you say,” Elsa smiled at him lovingly. They had been dating for six months, today was their anniversary, and she was more in love than ever. She remembered when he asked her out, the day of prom. Neither of them had had a date, and Elsa was just planning to go with some other single friends who were in the class. Sven was considering not to go at all because of the embarrassment of not having a girl. He was a popular boy, but he shot down all the girls all the time. The only girl he had been interested in was Elsa. Nothing was ever going to change that. He had promised her.

Now, six months later they were walking across a deserted road, hand in hand, casually talking. He liked it, they always went for walks and talked, bringing everything out in the open. There was basically no secrets among them… except for one. Sven nervously gulped. At the end of this road was going to be a beautiful park with autumn leaves of every color spread everywhere. It had a water fountain, which didn’t work, but it looked beautiful in the spot where it was, right underneath an old oak tree, protected from the elements so it was still in good shape.

“Elsa, let’s turn into this park here,” he suggested and led her off of the road into the beautiful space. Elsa gasped at the prettiness of it.

“This is…” she let go of his hand and made a full three hundred and sixty degree turn, trying to take in every single detail. She was speechless.

“I know, right?” Sven chuckled as he nervously watched his girlfriend adventure out and look for things that she wouldn’t have seen before. She was really one of those people who appreciated every little thing about life. It was one of the things he loved about her.


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