A third rough draft of this poem… I still feel like I could improve it but I wanted to share it with you all. Give me your feedback on it, please 🙂 


We watch on our televisions

The horror, the blood and the weeping citizens

In war-torn countries.

We hear every day of bombings

Killing innocent civilians.

Mindlessly, we go about our day,

Taking our safety for granted.

We always say:

“I hope it doesn’t happen here.”

But little do we realise

The measures taken to preserve this safety.


Perfunctorily we pray, thanking for our food

While thousands fervently pray for a bread scrap.

We go about throwing useless words

Hoping to make those in need feel better,

“We think of you.”

“We will help.”

We’re too busy, too content with our freedom

To reach out of our bed of roses;

To carry out our apathetic promises.


We assume we will wake each morning

We also expect our loved ones to.

Though millions go to sleep wondering:

‘Will this be my last day?’

‘Will this be the last time my loved one will close their eyes?’

We are too unduly caught up in our lives

To comprehend what we see on our television

Is reality for most. 


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