Letter from War – Day 2

Day 2 —Tell about a character who lost something important to him/her.

That that piece of paper meant the world to her. It was well-read and worn, creased lines nearly ripping the page into four.

And now it was gone. Lost. She had no clue where it was. Kaylee scrambled around her large home, tearing out all drawers and looking in every cupboard. She went through the garbage and went through the laundry.

“Mommy, what’s wrong?” Leah, her four-year-old daughter asked, observing her mother tearing everything apart. She was used to something being wrong with her mom. She had not really known every difference. A year ago her dad had left, to where she really did not know.

“Everything’s fine, honey,” Kaylee took a deep breath and knelt down to her oldest daughter’s height. “Mommy just lost something.”


Kaylee hesitated. “Nothing to worry about, Sweetie,” she pushed away a few loose strands of hair from her daughter’s face that had escaped the braid that she had braided today. Kaylee kissed her forehead. “It’s alright.”

“Alright…” Leah suddenly smiled. “Can you play with me?”

“Just let me find what I lost first, alright? Then I promise I can play whatever you want.” She stood up to her full height – which wasn’t very high.

“Okay Mommy. I’ll set everything up!” Leah scurried off to her room, leaving Kaylee in the kitchen smiling. She loved her children. Jake, her eldest son, looked exactly like her husband, Paul. Leah looked more like herself. Then there was Amanda, the youngest child of only a few months. Kaylee was not sure who she resembled as of yet, but knew that she definitely had her father’s nose.

“Now where is it…” her mind turned back to the piece of paper. “It has to be somewhere! Not like it could have grown legs and walked off!” It was a silly notion, but somewhere deep down she was terrified that that was exactly what had happened. The piece of paper she was looking for was priceless to her. It contained her first letter from war. The first letter her husband had sent her from his posting to which he had left a year ago that day. The letter was dated nine months back, just before Amanda’s birth. It was a special letter, filled with memories from their dating years and how he missed her.

The letter was worth more than gold.

As Kaylee started searching the drawers in the kitchen a faint cry came from the back of the house. She sighed and looked at the clock. Amanda was right on schedule for a feeding. She really did not want to go and feed her, but she knew she had to. She used her powers to refill the drawers in the kitchen and went to Amanda’s bedroom.

“Hey, Mandy,” Kaylee smiled as she entered the room, slowly undimming the lights. The nine-month-old was still crying. Tears were down her face, and the blanket that had been nicely placed on top had been flung off. “Awe! Hungry?” Kaylee smiled and picked her up, hugging her and offering comfort.

As she was about to take Amanda to the kitchen to have some lunch, a neatly folded piece of paper caught her eye right beside the crib. Kaylee’s heart leapt with excitement. She slowly bent down and picked it up. Yes. It felt so familiar. The creases were the exact ones, she was sure of it! Slowly she opened the paper to see her husband’s hand-writing. In joy she cried and read over the letter again.

“Mommy okay?” Leah came into the room and saw that Kaylee was holding the letter. “Was that what you were looking for?” pointing to the letter.

Kaylee nodded. “Yes it was. It was a letter from your daddy.”

“I know, Mommy. I took it and gave it to Mandy so she knew that Daddy loved her.”


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