Goldfish – Day 11

Day 11 —What was your first childhood pet?


The little girl stared straight into the small glass bowl filled with water. She watched the orange object swim around, making bubbles as it breathed.

“Want to feed it?” Her mother handed the little girl some goldfish food in a jar.

“Yes!” The girl happily accepted the offer and took the jar from beside the bowl. Carefully she opened the lid and took out a pinch of food and gently placed it on the surface of the water. “There you are, Oliver.” She leaned back down to get at eyelevel with her goldfish, her first pet, eagerly watching to see his reaction.

“Oliver?” Her mother raised an eyebrow.

“Yes.” She barely looked up from the fish who was now swimming towards the food slowly drifting to the rocks at the bottom of the bowl. “That’s his name. Oliver.”

“Alright.” Her mother turned back around and went to continue with the dishes.

The little girl kept her eyes on the goldfish for the next hour, watching it’s every move as it discovered its new home.


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