Morning Routine

Every morning I spend a certain amount of time outside waiting for the shuttle bus to take me to university. Last week I decided to write a poem for each morning. Each stanza is a new morning, so three days in a row. 


Train in background

Fresh sun silhouetting objects

Against tall wheat turning it gold

Frosty air stings exposed body parts

Smoke coming from mouth

Faint rainbow in the distance

Dark storm clouds moving away

Making room for the magical sun

Drying the wet ground

And the morning routine commences


Train in background

Dreary grey clouds take over sky

Frost nipping at my fingertips

Ground is littered by left over salt

From the day before

The fog is slowly lifting

Making apt for a new day

Birds diligently sing their song

Happy for another day

And the morning routing commences


Train horn in background

Sun rising against the train tracks

Faint orange in the morning sky

Crows squabbling for their breakfast

Others watch overhead

A large plane flies overhead

Interrupting the morning silence

Clouds slowly breaking apart

To show the beautiful blue sky

While breath turns to smoke

And the morning routine commences


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