Tessa has brittle bones, OI. She came to my class one day, and I found her very inspirational. She also has her own youtube channel! I’ll post the link to that on my facebook page. 

Confined to a chair, nothing could ever phase her

A strong, young woman; suffers from brittle bones

Bones that will break in half with one small fall.

“She’s better in a bubble,” some say

Still, she adventures through her life

Since not all heroes wear capes

Special ones have wheelchairs.

Not their own bubble.

May seem simple

Might seem best”

“No,” Tes


She wants

To live life


She can overcome

With a smile and a laugh.

Since Not all heroes wear capes.

Some know all there is to know about

Dogs, Smallville, bands, and other things

Some have a lasting impact on us

People will seek her strength and courage

A positive role model for the world to see


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