Said That You Never Hurt Me – Day 1

Day 1: put your iPod on shuffle. Write 250 words inspired by the first line of the next song.

“Said that you never hurt me” – Waitin’ For You – Demi Lovato  


She looked up from her doodling on her math homework. Pencil clenched in her right hand. “Yes, Miss Sinclair?”

“Do you need help?” She knelt down, whispering to one of her best students. A student beside them looked towards them, distracted, but quickly went back to work.

“No, I’m fine,” Morgan shook her head quietly, long hair swayed side to side. Her lips turned upward into a smile. “Just thinking.”

“About the next problem?”

Morgan hesitated and then nodded. “Yeah. The next problem. That’s what I’m thinking about.” She looked down at her sheet and saw that she had only answered a few. The math was very easy compared to what her mentor made her do.

“Well, if you need any help, you know where to come for it,” miss Sinclair got up and started to move away.

“Yes, I do,” Morgan murmured as she looked back down and did a few more questions. Her brain was in a fog. Her mind wandered once again to the playground and to what had happened.

She made eye contact with her brother on the other side of the classroom who was looking at her worriedly? Could he sense her distress? She hoped not, but inside part of her knew that he did. He knew that something was up, and she was going to do everything she could do not to let him know. She knew that he would only worry. After all, they were only in sixth grade.





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