Meditation – Day 2

Day 2: Write 250 words inspired by the colour of the walls of the room that you’re in

Wall colours: blue and light grey

He closed his eyes, legs pretzeled together into the classic criss-cross-apple-sauce figure. Aaron’s chest rose and fell steadily in time with the classical music lightly playing in the background that his ears had to perk to be able to hear its full beauty.

One…two…three…. four…. three…. two…. one…. a voice in his head repeated one after the other in practiced patience.

Thoughts of his day came to his head. The way Eliza had glared at him as he told her that he needed to go meditate…. Go away, thought, he spoke to himself in his head. As practiced, he willed the thought away and it stayed away.

His physics teacher had given out extra homework that he hadn’t started yet. Heart started to beat faster, but once again he willed the thought away. Peace once again. No thoughts in his head except for the counting.

Moments later his stomach growled, reminding him he hadn’t eaten yet since he had gotten home from school. The feeling lurched through his body like a lion, eating away at him. One…. Two… three… four…. Rhythm not broken, as much as he wanted it to be. Powers willed him to get up and get food, but he stayed.

Finally, after fifteen minutes he uncrossed his legs and stretched them out, opening his eyes. He smiled, relaxed. Meditation was always his ritual around that time of day, and if he broke it the consequences would come. As he stood up, the counting still echoed in his head: Four… three… two… one….


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