How To Be – Day 3

Day 3: Write a 15-step list titled “how to be _______”

Well since school is around the corner, and I am one, I decided to do this prompt titled “How to be an Educational Assistant”. 


How to be an Educational Assistant

  1. Have compassion
  2. Be observant
  3. Be responsible
  4. Be calm
  5. Be a leader
  6. Be confident
  7. Be assertive
  8. Be a good listener
  9. Do your research (on things like the subjects the student takes so you know how to better help them)
  10. Know the condition well enough to help
  11. Be tech savvy enough to operate the technology used
  12. Give children equal opportunities
  13. Stay strong
  14. Enjoy every day!
  15. Go to school for it

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