Progress – Day 6

Day 6: 10 years ago you convinced a killer not to murder you because you would ‘change the world’. Now, the killer comes back to check on your progress.

This one is a bit late and unfinished. Sorry! 


“Wake up, Sleepy head.”

He wasn’t sure if it was the familiar voice that woke him or the feeling of a sharp object at his throat, glinting in the darkness.

“I said wake up,” the voice growled, pushing the sharp edge more into the throat.

His eyes flinched open to meet the familiar face of a woman. The face that was made  up of many nightmares. Bright green eyes, fluffy red hair gently curling around her diamond face.

“I am,” he breathed, not daring to talk anymore.

“Remember me?” She jumped from the bed, taking the knife with her and stalked the messy bedroom.


“Sally Walsh,” she declared happily, barely missing tripping on a pair of jeans laying on the floor. “And you, George Huggan, need to learn to clean.”

“How did you know where I live?” George sat up in his bed, quickly pulling on a shirt from the bedside.

“I know lots of things, Mr. Huggan,” she looked him in the eyes. He didn’t dare break the contact. He knew that she was a dangerous woman. Strangely, he was calm at the rude awakening. He had been expecting it. It had been exactly 10 years since their last encounter. He had been a young 20-year-old drunkenly celebrating a friend’s birthday. “But,” she paused and smiled gleefully. “I haven’t seen you change the world yet.”

“I have been working on it,” he confidently said. ten years ago on their last meeting he managed to get away by promising to change the world.

“How so?” She queried, knife still in hand. “I haven’t seen any world-changing behaviour in the last ten years.”

“It’s been a slow process,” he nodded in agreement. “But I have been changing the world.”

“By doing what?”

“By building orphanages, taking in foster kids -,”

“Ahh… that’s what that little kid was doing in the other room,” Sophia mused thoughtfully. “Thought I would put this knife through his chest… thought better of it. I had a deal with YOU… not some troublemaker.”

“Toby isn’t a troublemaker,” George said boldly.

“That’s not why I came,” Sophia’s silky voice spoke once again, as she continued to pace the floor. “I came to see if you have changed the world.”

“Changed the world? Yes. I have changed many lives,” George nodded anxiously.

“Not what you promised, Huggan,” Sophia glared. “One more chance or this knife goes right through your chest and your precious Toby will go back into the foster system.”


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