Weekend – Day 16

Day 16: Look up the lyrics to your least favourite song. Find the absolute WORST line, and have somebody in your story say it OUT LOUD.

Least favourite song: Friday by Rebecca Black

Lyric: “Yesterday was Thursday” “Lookin’ forward to the weekend”


Daphne looked at her group of students. “Okay, so what day is it today?”

“Friday!” One of the students, Dylan, called out, rocking on his bum on the fading carpet.

“Why is it Friday today? Lucy?” She picked a student who was inspecting her nails instead of listening to the lesson.

“Because yesterday was Thursday!” Fred called out confidently.

“I was asking Lucy,” Daphne reprimanded, but nodded. “You’re right. And Lucy, what day comes next?”

“Weekend!” Lucy replied and smiled at herself, looking up from her nails.

“Exactly,” Daphne smiled at the youngest student. “Everybody’s looking forward to the weekend.” She placed her hands in her lap. “What days are in the weekend?”

Jessie’s arm shot up.

“Yes, Jessie?”

“Saturday and Sunday!” She said. “Can we go home now?”

The teacher inwardly laughed at the little girl. She was always asking to go home.

“I want it to be the weekend,” Jessie complained and started to take off her shoes.

“Please don’t take off your shoes,” Daphne asked nicely. “It’s nearly time to go home,” she looked up at the clock.

“it is?!” Jessie glanced up to the clock, even though the numbers and sticks inside made no sense to her.

“It is,” Daphne followed the girls gaze. “In one more hour.”

Fred groaned. “That’s forever!”

“Again, I know everyone is excited for the weekend. But can we please concentrate for a few more minutes?”

The class nodded.

Relieved, Daphne continued her lesson.


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