Telling – Day 17

Day 17: A character is sitting on the rooftop with an animal. This character must speak to the animal. What the animal does in return moves the character to make a decision.

Morgan looked towards the cat sitting on the roof with her. “Hey there,” she said softly and reached to pet it. As her hand made contact with the fur, the cat rolled its spine to move with the hand. It meowed. Morgan reached for the collar with her other hand. “Max. Hmmm…. Strange name for a cat, but we’ll go with it.”

The curtains swayed in the late night breeze, barely touching her. She had left her windows wide open for a quick escape. “Should I tell them?” She clutched her bear in her hand a bit harder as she kept petting the cat. “Or should I pretend nothing ever happened? I mean… victor already knows. I doubt he’ll tell Dad… but he might tell uncle Hazel. Then I’ll be in trouble for not telling….” She paused as she rambled and sighed. “I wish I knew what to do. Where to get help.”

Max meowed and moved closer to his new companion. Morgan pet it more, keeping her hand soft as to not hurt the cat. That was the last thing she would want to do: hurt something innocent.

“I just wish that it never happened… that Davin, Mitch…” her voice broke as she spoke and shook her head. “Tomorrow will be a week. Should I tell someone, Max?”

Max looked up at his new friend, meowed and sat in Morgan’s lap.

“Alright,” she took a deep breath in. “Tomorrow I will tell Uncle Hazel all what happened.”


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