The Jump – Day 19

Since nothing from the two 30 Day Writing Challenges appealed to me for Day 19, I found my own writing prompt. 


Paris jumped onto his horse, Toby, and galloped hard. Panting, he looked back. Abigail was right behind him, right where she should be, he thought to himself. The monster, though, was closer than he had wanted.

“Hurry up!” He called back to Abigail. “Just hurry up!” He pushed Toby more. As she fell farther behind he was reminded why he never brought along accomplices on kill missions. They were always in the way.

“I’m trying!” He heard Abigail call back as she forced her tiny horse to speed up a little – but it was nothing compared to what Toby was able to do.

“Try harder!” Paris panted and looked ahead. He swore. They were nearing the edge of a cliff. There was a large distance between them and a plateau that was a few feet below. There was nowhere else to go, he thought to himself. “Get ready to jump!” He called back to Abigail and within seconds he felt Toby lift off of the ground at the cliffs edge. Paris willed himself not to look down, being afraid of heights. Everything seemed to go in slow motion. The way that Toby’s legs arched through the jump, the way that Paris kept looking behind and forward to see where Abigail was at. The monster was nearing her, and he saw her slow down.

“JUMP!” He yelled at her again, his hair flying in his eyes. After what felt like forever he felt the hooves of Toby touch ground. They rolled over together from the force of the jump. Out of breath, Paris looked in time to see Abigail jumping from the cliff. She barely made it.

“I didn’t think we would make that!” Abigail breathed once she regained her posture and was up.

“I didn’t think so either,” Paris admitted as he watched the monster fall to his death off the cliff. Satisfied, Paris looked back to Abigail.

“What now?” Abigail asked.

Paris shrugged as he hopped back on a panting Toby. “I don’t know. I thought the jump would kill us.”


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