Terror Reigns

Here is a concrete poem about terrorism. It’s supposed to be in the shape of a machine gun (if it formats properly). 

terror reigns




the land



a great command

bullets fly past

a vest underneath

Deadman’s switch

in their firm hand

what we don’t know

we don’t dare to ask

prayers raised in unison

wishing the situation away

but it doesn’t.

the switch can come undone at any moment, changing lives forever

now ears ring and smoke billows mercilessly as people shout for help

bloodied bodies and persons emerge in shock,

covered in debris, glass, moaning for mercy

upon them that they don’t die in this attack

prayers for family members nearby

as people shout the names of their loved ones, moving things around

paramedics come

prepared for the worst

we watch the news helpless

hoping everyone is safe and sound

that fatalities are minor people survive

from homes we pray it would all just go away.


Image result for building bombed


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