Poem with the prompt ‘cavity’  via Daily Prompt: Cavity Hope between the cavities Large mountains Followed by deep valleys. The mountains built by triumphs The valley’s dug by trails. Life doesn’t have baselines, Instead, ups and downs: Ups with cheers Downs with tears. Life is a special journey, Don’t treat it lightly: Enjoy each mound…


A short poem I wrote with the word prompt of ‘inkling’.  just an inkling of hope without the ability to cope I want to elope just health and I   via Daily Prompt: Inkling


Hey everyone! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday – had a bit of a hard day. Anyway, today’s post is a small poem about what depression can feel like.      All at once Drowning from the outside And drowning from the inside Leaving no chance for survival Filling the body mercilessly A sense of doom…


I wrote this poem a while ago… but I wanted to share it with you all. I think I shared it on another blog before… but here it is once again. I love how strong it is.    Depression dejection, sorrow blinding, heartbreaking, unending suicide, darkness; euphoria, hope laughing, overwhelming, enjoying friends, future, Happiness

Black Clouds

I wrote this a little bit ago, and thought I would share it. It’s just the first draft still. I hope you enjoy it 🙂 Black clouds start shadowing Dim dawn of the day. The small light fights And the darkness ensues. Crashing lightning scarring the ground Deafening thunder vibrate the unsteady world. Dark fogginess…