Poem with the prompt ‘cavity’  via Daily Prompt: Cavity Hope between the cavities Large mountains Followed by deep valleys. The mountains built by triumphs The valley’s dug by trails. Life doesn’t have baselines, Instead, ups and downs: Ups with cheers Downs with tears. Life is a special journey, Don’t treat it lightly: Enjoy each mound…


A poem on anxiety I stifle your breath Like pollution grasps its hand On a throat. You can’t go anywhere Without me, I’ll always be here To ruin your life. Lots of love, Anxiety.     via Daily Prompt: Stifle


A short poem I wrote with the word prompt of ‘inkling’.  just an inkling of hope without the ability to cope I want to elope just health and I   via Daily Prompt: Inkling

Reindeer Acrostic Poem

Rosy red cheeks from Energetic reindeer prancing around In the North Pole. Night nears, silhouetting the animals Dancing to their hearts content, Enjoying their freedom before the Eve of Christmas; they will be put to work while Racing each other around the world.

Oh, Christmas Tree

A poem I made out of Christmas song titles… enjoy!   Oh, Christmas Tree Where are you this Christmas? All I want for Christmas is you. Christmas can’t be very far away! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas Deck the halls! But, oh Christmas tree, Where are you this Christmas? Because Here comes…


Little free verse I wrote while falling asleep last night. Hope you enjoy!    Seems like an infinite amount of time but I don’t want it to be yet the world has spun an infinite amount of times since then an infinite number of stars have collapsed and an infinite number created an infinite amount…